Tuesday, January 24, 2012



  I am a raindrop... and I fell crystallized one gray winter morning, in the yesterday of your life... it was cold... so very cold... but the year was new and you had plans... and dreams of warm places... you drew their pictures in the frost... and I froze them into your memory... It was January... such a long time ago.

  And I glistened at the tip of an icicle as you climbed the hill with your sled... And when you raced down the long icy path, I stung your nose with tiny needles of snow... and dripped from your overshoes when you stood in the doorway that evening... It was February, and you were cold and tired... and hungry.

  And you looked through me one afternoon as I ran slowly down your window pane. The winds were high and your new newspaper kite was ready... but the sun was gone and I was there... making you wait until tomorrow... It was March, and you were impatient.

  And I followed the two of you into the woods one gray-green day... but when I touched her face, you ran to hide from me... I watched from a leaf as you kissed her... gently... and she kissed you back...It was April... and you were in love... for the first time.

  And I mixed with your tears as you said goodbye to your grandmother... And when the prayer had been said... and her song had been sung... I tried to tell you that crying is good... For how can one know happiness until one has felt sorrow...? It was May... and the flowers were coming up again.

  And I was dew, sparkling in the grass as the sun came up one summer morning...and you had a day to remember...It was June and everything was right with your world... and the child you’d just brought into it.

  And I stayed away in a cloud one night and let you lie on your back and look up at the stars... It was July, the air was clear and you realized at last, what a joyous thing it is ... to be alive.

  I am only a rain drop... but I created the snow on the mountains you climbed... I made the rainbow you saw... I started the rivers you crossed and I filled the oceans you sailed... It was August and you and I were somewhere... doing our thing.

  And I ran as a brook in a meadow as you walked beside me one sunny, golden day... I listened as you told your son about the mysteries of nature, and the realities of life... It was September... and the stream of time had begun to flow a little faster...

  And as I danced with the leaves through their last mad whirl... you gathered together... family and friends... to honor your son... and his bride... it was a time for festival... and a farewell toast to the brilliance of autumn. It was October, and winter would soon be here.

  ...And when my sisters clung to the thin bare branches of the trees outside your window... you sat by the fire and looked at the fading pictures... and tiny scraps of life that had been saved for such a day... It was November... and the days were getting shorter...

  I am a raindrop... and I fell slowly one night... changing to snow... covering the earth with a soft white blanket... and as you watched the lights twinkling in the evergreen boughs, I heard your heart say you were happy... because you knew that if one light should fail, the others would still burn bright... It was December... and you were sleepy...

  May you and yours be blessed this year and for all those yet to come, with all your hearts desires.


                                                                                                                                      ADRIAN ALEXIS





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